Monday, January 27, 2014

It looks like things are pretty great back at the fort!  Each and every picture just shows of how much you are all growing up.  It looks like by the time I get home I won't be the "Giant" anymore.  I'm sorry I haven't sent any pictures the past few weeks; I let one of the Sisters borrow my card reader and she still hasn't returned it yet.  That's just the Sisters for you.  Although they do make sweets all the time and they share with us so I guess it all evens out.  Before I get into "the good stuff", I would like to say that while I was getting my haircut this morning, I saw a little bit of the Miami-Spurs game.  It was really weird to see a basketball game because I haven't really worried about sports up to this point.  President Reeder also told me that the Seahawks beat the 49ers and the Broncos beat the Patriots to get to the Superbowl.  I guess the bandwagon fans won this year.  Poor Uncle John, this is the second year in a row his prized 49ers have been so close to victory, but have been defeated by "Birds" 
This week hasn't been all that exciting.  Transfer announcements are next week so I'm going to start packing early because I know for sure that my name is going to be on there.  But this week has consisted of a lot of punts because there hasn't been a male present.  The big struggle for Elder Villanueva and I is member support because our area is so far away and it's expensive to get to and from.  Another big struggle for us this week has been progressing investigators.  The other day when we went to go teach Jose, we found him drinking which was a big disappointment to us.  We truly thought that he had given up that part of his life in order to pursue better and greater things.  I guess the influence of his friends didn't help in that regard.  Although his wife doesn't like it when he drinks which is a blessing to us because I think we all know of the influence that women have on men.  On the bright side of the week, one of our new investigators is really showing a lot of desire to know more about the church and read the Book of Mormon.  This past week we gave her the assignment to read the first chapter in 1st Nephi and when we returned to talk about it; she pretty much taught us the lesson.  It was great to see such excitement in her eyes and to experience the joy that she felt.

 Just for kicks and giggles I think I'll share one pretty embarrassing thing that occurred this week.  On Sunday after we had attempted to visit "Helen" before church (the investigator I just talked about).  Elder Villanueva and I were walking past a basketball court where a few people were playing volleyball heading back to the apartment.  As we walked by the ball came near me so I went to go get it.  Now here's the good stuff.  From a distance I thought the people playing were female.  But oh no, they were a bunch of Baklas (or for a nicer term, they're swinging the other way).  So until I was out of sight all I heard was "Thank You Sir" in a voice that sounded like something you'd hear from Lady Ga Ga.  Yeah I don't think I want to have that happen again any time soon.

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