Monday, February 3, 2014

This week past week has been pretty good for Elder Villanueva and I.  We actually had two members work with us this week which was amazing!  Member help makes missionary work so much easier.  Andrew my very first  convert even worked with us this past week to get some missionary experience before he starts to work on his papers.  It was so cool to see him on the other side of the page testifying of what he knows to be true to someone who is in the same position as he was not long ago.  Elder Villanueva and I also had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this last week which was another great learning experience for me.  Elder Yarisantos (a zone leader) and I also found out that McDonald's delivers to our apartment so I had myself a nice burger for dinner in the sanctity of our apartment which was great!  I'm not going to lie... I really miss beef.  Beef here is pretty expensive so you have to be pretty "Tipid Tipid" (frugal) with your money if you want to have beef.  Since the end of the transfer is next week we also had our district activity today which was pretty great!  We went to Mt. Isarog for the second time (well for me) and it was just as cold as ever; but just as beautiful too.  It's a pretty awesome thought thinking that I was "On" a volcano.  Sure it's not active but I don't care, I was still on a volcano.
I love to put in at least one funny thing that happened throughout the week so here it is.  But here's the catch... it's not about me.  On Sunday Elder Villanueva and I went to go visit Ann Bon after our Missionay Coordination Meeting and well... we didn't have an actual lesson for her because we finished all of the lessons. He has a habit sometimes of going into lessons and changing the game plan on me so I'm completely lost. When we got into the lesson, I turned to the scripture that we had planned to talk about, but he turned to a totally different scripture.  Moroni 9:8 to be exact.  I know that all of you "Scriptorians" are probably laughing right now because you know that it's not really something that you use in lessons.  For those of you who are like me, here's what's its about.  It talks about about when the Lamanites made the Nephite woman and children feed upon the flesh of their fathers because they wouldn't give them food.  Then he related it to the Donner Party in the 17 Miracles.  Let's just say that I didn't say anything during the lesson because I didn't know what to say.  I'm probably the first missionary who can say that he had a lesson about cannibalism.

Well I love you guys so much.  I got the Christmas Card that Grandma sent me and I'm not going to lie, I look at it quite often when I feel discouraged about things.  It's not easy all the time being a missionary; there are a lot of things that can make your mood change pretty quick.  But when I see all of you guys it reminds me of what this mission means.  It's not for me.. it's for my Heavenly Father and there standing in one family are future missionaries who are going to be helping Him prepare for the Second Coming.  I just happen to be the one who was chosen to set the example.  Continue to be awesome and to stay strong.  Mahal na mahal ko po kayo!  May God be with you till we meet again.
                                     -Your Son/Brother,
                                        Elder Cole


                                                                       Men in tights

                                                                  Falls at Mt. Isarog

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