Photo's from the Naga, Philippines Mission

Aug/Sept 2013 Pictures
Mt. Isarog

The jungle look of Naga
                                                        After a good rain in Naga.
                                                      Elder Cole and his Naga District.
                                                                  Me and Monceur

October 2013 pictures
Crazy in the rain!

Mt. Isarog Park entrance

"The Mighty Jungle"

Some falls on Mt. Isarog

November 2013

Nice shot!
Bad boys on the court.

December 2013


                                                                        Rice paddie


                                                                           "Stud Muffin"

                                                                         Sunset 2

                                                                       Down the hatch!

                                                                         Nice taste!

                                                                         Balut again.

                                                                Pinoy's and Potatoes 2

                                                               Pinoy's and Potatoes


                                                                             Service 2

                                                      January 2014  

"Fish lips" Cole

                                                              New Years Eve in Naga

Hoping the Heat can win

Elder Villanueva and Cole

                                                                Pick your own nose Elder!

                                                                        February 2014                     

                                                                 Falls on Mt. Isarog


                                                                        Man in tights

                                                                          Pogi ka na

                                                                       Sunset in Naga

                                                                   Home away from home

                                                                         MT. Isarog

                                                                      Whitey chan

                                                                       March 2014

                                                                           Rice field

Elder Joaquin

Elder Brycan Cole in Ragay

                                                                     Not quite sure

Elder Cole with local kids of Ragay

Elder Puffer mouth

Ragay branch

Field in Ragay

Youth outing with missionaries

Activity with youth of Ragay Branch

Can't stop them from climbing trees!

April 2014

Old bridge in Ragay

Sky over Ragay

Home on river in Ragay

May 2014

Ragay branch baptism

Elder Cole's view of the ocean

Chillin in a hammock at Branch outing
Beach for the Branch activity

"Hangin" with some members on the beach

                                                                       Beach near Ragay

Selfie at the beach

Sunset in Ragay

Drinking coconut milk

Railroad tracks in the jungle of Ragay

Clean up after typhoon Glenda (Rammasun)

Now that's a lot of water!

You think your street is messy? 

Branch members in Ragay

Girl's from the Ragay branch?

More youth from Ragay?

Missionary munch or lunch?

86 yr old Filipino lady with the Elders

Elder Cole

Apartment cleanliness

Holding the Sun

Sunset over Minilabac

Elder Cole and Savage

River in the jungle (Minilabac)

Elder Cole

How many Filipino's can fit on a tricycle?

Mt. Mayon

Elder Cole's boil (Yuck!)

September 2014

Sun in the jungle (Minilabac)

Elder Ursua and Elder Cole

Nice sign for water

River in Minilabac

 Water won't drain fast enough
This is how its done in flood waters

View of flood waters from upstairs balcony

View of flood waters from front porch
November 2014

Coast off Calabanga

Elder Grospe and Elder Cole

Zone picture?

Sunset in Calabanga

Another sunset in Calabanga

December 2014

January 2015

Sister Simpson going home

New Years 2015 party group 

The rat's last meal?

At least he got clean teeth!

Baptism in San Jose

Brycan in front of a ? tree

Elder Bienvinuto and Brycan

? fish in a van

River dumping into the ocean

San Jose District

Locals of San Jose

Big Filipino, little Filipino

                                                           Elder Cole and Bienvinuto

                                                            Local church in San Jose

Basketball again for P-Day

                                                     Cleaning the apartment in San Jose

                                                Elder Cole with new companion Elder Key

Elders of San Jose

Not a clue?

May 2015

                                                        Elder Green and Elder Losaki

                                                        Elder Green and Elder Toplau

                                                                   Conference ready?

                                                                      San Jose Zone?

Long day of OYMing

Balut is ready

Elder Key trying his first Balut

Elder Key and Cole playing around

Elders on the streets of San Jose

June 2015

These shoes have been worn well!

???Family in San Jose

Members in San Jose?
                                                                      Who's the white guy?

Members in the San Jose Ward

Youth in the Ward?

Investigators or youth?
Elder Cole has not been very descriptive on the photo's he has sent, so they have been labeled as to what his dad thought they might be.

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