Friday, January 3, 2014

"I'll be home for Christmas.."  Okay that was uncalled for; but I still thought it was pretty funny.  Well this last week has had it's high points, and low points.  My personal favorite part of the week was when we had our Mission Christmas Party and everyone was there!  I got to see Elder Savage for the first time since we were assigned to our first area's.  I also found out that my tatay/trainer (Elder Manicdo) is the new Mission Secretary and he's only two transfers ahead of me.  Hmm... I really hope I don't follow the family line and become the new  Finance Elder.  I hate math!  Transfer day is on New Year's Eve so I'll probably be traveling to my new area with my new companion on one of my favorite holiday's.  Well unless by some miracle I stay here and train, which I really hope doesn't happen because I'm not ready to be a trainer.  On another note; I hate getting punted!!!!  I'm sure dad knows exactly what I mean.  We were punted from nearly 60%  of all our appointments this week.  That's the one bad thing about the holiday season, families are together but nobody wants to listen to you.  Even my good lookin American self has a hard time getting into homes.  But just last night one of our investigators (Jose) committed to baptism on January 26th and his oldest daughter said to give her more time to think about it.  It felt really good to have something like that happen again.  Like I said before, whoever said that the Philippines is a pushover mission needs to get his rear end  on a plane and have a taste of what it's like.  Walking around all day while it's 90 degrees (in December) just to get punted is not all that fun. 
Well I still haven't received your package yet but now that I have an "In" in the office; I should know right when it gets there.
Mahal na Mahal ko po kayo!  May God be with you till we meet again.
                                                    -Elder Cole


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