Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, and Cole Family, 
Now let's play a game where I don't tell you of where I was transferred to, nah that's no fun.  Well I am now in the beautiful area of..... Calabanga.  For those of you who looked it up on the map I am still relatively close to Naga City.  Man I'm never getting out of here am I?  Three of my four areas have been close to Naga.  I want to go somewhere far and exotic, where I can finally wrestle with a python and make my appearance on Survivor man.  Ha ha, like that's ever going to happen. But hey, I'm close to the ocean so at least one dream came true.  My new companion is Elder Grospe and he in short, he's a basketball junky like me.  What a great companionship.  As the NBA season draws near, speculation of the new NBA champion team is the top topic in our free time.  Will LeBron make his come coming debut with a bang, or will the Spurs once again steal his thunder.  Okay Cole, snap out of it and back to the real world.
This past week for work was pretty rough.  Member present lessons are an issue here so it's hard for us to get fellow shippers for our investigators.  But on the other hand the ward members are awesome and I love them to pieces.  It was hard to leave Milaor Ward even though I was only there for three months but it won't be hard to adjust here.  We have two investigators Tatay Sisno, and his wife Maria who are awesome.  They are both almost 90 but yet they still try to do the work of younger people.  Oh man I really feel lazy compared to these Filipino people.  But at first Elder Grospe said that nanay Maria really didn't want to be baptized because she's a devoted Iglesia ni Cristo and on my first teaching appointment with them we extended the baptismal invitation and they both accepted.  Oh the power of the Lord never ceases to amaze me, that just shows me even more that every person has their time and we just need to be patient.  Even if we just plant the seed the Lord will help nurture that seed until they are baptized.
Mom, Dad, if you check my bank account it will show that there was a lot of money spent.  Yes that was me.  My luggage ripped (May it rest in peace) so I had to get a new one.  Unfortunately the guy who sold it to me was a very good salesman and I got the best one I could get so I know that it wouldn't rip on me.  Waterproof, it has a lock, lifetime warranty, yeah it's all there the whole package.  It's weird to think that Dad is going to be the bishop when I get home, that''ll definitely add a few things to his do list.  Also, it's kind of crazy that the some of the Jazz players actually came to play ball at Wilson; unless good ole Timothy is telling one of his "what I wish happened".  Well I hope you guys all continue to have a good time until this stud muffin goes riding on a jet plane over 8,000 miles overthe world back the land of Payson.  I love you all and I wish you the best with everything.  May God be with you till we meet again.
                                                 -Elder Cole  

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