Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, and Cole Family,

"Only a Bible verse can explain of what happened next".  With the Gnashing and Gnarling of his teeth he howled".  Oh man how I love Elder Bednar.  That talk was easily one of my favorites from this last talks.  It's amazing to see how the prophecies in the Bible and Book of Mormon are coming to true, the gospel is truly spreading forth across the four corners of the earth as we have had the great opportunity to hear general authorities teach in their native tongue.  I am also proud to be one of those 88,000 missionaries across the world spreading the gospel among the children of our Heavenly Father.  It's a big responsibility considering of how many people there are on this world that don't know the gospel, but it is possible if we heed the council of President Monson in previous conferences and work together hand in hand with the missionaries.  

General Conference was easily the biggest highlight of the week as I was able to watch all of the sessions in a two day period.  Thank goodness for technology, I don't think that I would have been able to wait to watch all of it.  Work this week was still difficult but we managed to get 3 new investigators.  If you all remember my last letter I mentioned that I had a few girls trying to flirt with me..... yeah they are the new investigators.  But honestly they are all really interested and they all have a great desire to learn more.  Their understanding of the gospel is also pretty solid which is very helpful.  Some people here don't really have a strong understanding of who God really is and about other doctrinal terms so we have to make sure to use simple words to fit their vocabulary.  

Oh yeah, we also had interviews with President Reeder this past week.  I am really grateful to have him for a mission president because he really understands what it's like to be a foreigner missionary and the challenges that we face (he served in Hong Kong).  Minalabac is easily the hardest area that I have ever been in and sometimes it really is hard to keep myself confidence up.  But he told me to just always remember that through prayer I can receive the strength that I need to overcome the challenges that have come in the work. I know that eventually I will see the blessings of these trials because these are the experiences that I need to have in order for me to become the man that God is shaping me to become.  

Brendon Brendon, he really did pick Rick!!!  I can't say of how much I miss Killer Bunnies and peanut butter bars at the moment.  It really looks like you guys had a blast.  In due time I will be able to join you guys in that great fun once more; and maybe I'll actually win for once.  I love you guys so much and again I want to thank you for everything!!!  Mahal na mahal ko po kayo.  May God be with you till we meet again

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