Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maray na Hapon sa inyong gabos, (Good Afternoon in Bicol)

Hmm... I'm already beginning the third week of the transfer; boy that was fast.  Things in Ragay have been pretty exciting except for the fact that I was sick on Wednesday.  But even despite that fact; Elder Joaquin and I were able to teach 23 lessons for the second week in a row.  We are teaching a family (Bordon) who just accepted the baptismal invitation and they are so excited for it!  The other Elders here have a baptism on the 15th of March and we invited them to attend that and they started asking all of these questions which was just marvelous.  It's so much fun to see the excitement of these Filipino people when they accept the gospel in their lives.  We have about 10 people who have baptismal goal dates but only a few are attending church which is the big struggle for us.  Well... the gospel is still true as Elder Watson would say.  For once not a lot that was extremely funny happened this week.  I'm sorry that you can't laugh at my own self stupidity or clumsiness this week. 

If you didn't know already Brendon emailed me and told me that he's stationed in California right now but he's going to Japan and then Australia.  I'm alright with that; he's pretty close to me.  Oh yeah Mom, I don't think Ipads fly either so be careful with it.  Due to the fact that I can't go to Naga and there's not an ATM for about two hours... I have not been able to enjoy the goodness of a Big Mac yet from Grandma. Maybe if Elder Joaquin is transferred in March I'll go get one.  President Reeder is really focusing on the work in the Ragay area so he really expects a lot from us.  Which is why he took away our privilege of going to Naga on P-day because it takes too much time.  There's only one actual mini-mart in Ragay so our choices are pretty limited here.  But I'll live.   I love you guys and I love hearing the updates from home.  Keep up the good work!!!! Mahal ko po kayo pamilya ko!!!  May God be with you till we meet again.

                                            -Elder Cole

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