Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, and Cole Family,
Life in Calabanga is what you could say.... Magical.  Magical for the fact that we have a Ward Mission Leader!!  Calabanga hadn't had a Ward mission leader for almost a year and now we finally have one.  In fact we had a correlation meeting with him right after church.  What the biyaya!  I hope that this can help us in our efforts with getting members to work with us because right now that is one of the biggest challenges for us as a district.  
Now what has happened this week?  Justin came to church yesterday with his mom for the second week in a row which was awesome!  After that not a lot happened this week.  Just tracting on doors, getting punted, and trying to what we can to get lessons and new investigators.  There have been some pretty hardworking missionaries assigned here in the past so most of our area has been tracted out which means we're "re-tracting".
This past week Elder Grospe needed to conduct an interview for some of the Elders in Tinambac which is about an hour away from our area.  Long story short, we rode on top of the jeepney which is one of my favorite things to and I got some pretty cool pictures of the ocean.  When we were about to get off I started to jump off the top like I normally do but some old nanay and her grand kids came out of the jeepney and stood right where I was planning on jumping.  So I grabbed onto a bar and swung my self back with one arm and ended up slamming right into the jeepney.  I almost broke my arm and honestly it still hurts, but I'd rather have that happen than me landing on a little kid.  Well that's all the exciting news from this week.  I'm sorry nothing more adventurous happened.  I'll try to wrestle a Python this week so I can have something to write about ha ha just kidding.
Well I love you all so much and I wish you the best around this holiday season. May God be with you till we meet again

                                            -Elder Cole

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