Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankfully typhoon Yulanda really didn't do a whole lot of damage to our area.  We didn't have electricity for a day but that was the worst of it.  The winds were pretty fierce and it rained off and on for the whole day so we had to stay inside all day which was really boring. I don't know why any missionary in his right mind would give up working to stay inside all day long.  All I can say that it is definitely a different experience being involved in "One of the worst calamities in Philippines history". On a different note; we have two baptisms this week for Andrew and Diana and I am so excited for it!  This is the last full week of my training so I'm glad I get to end it on a good note.  It's going to be hard  leaving Elder Manicdo, I love this guy with all of my heart.  He has taught me so much about how to be a good missionary and he has also played a huge role (along with the Spirit of course) in learning the language.  At this point in time I can finally lead all of the lessons comfortably and I can hold a steady conversation for a while until people get the impression that I know Tagalog better than I actually do and start speaking faster than I can translate.  But this week has had it's ups and downs.  A big down was the Typhoon of course so we couldn't work for a day. But even a super typhoon can't stop the work from progressing.  On Sunday when we were tracting; Elder Manicdo and I met a family who owned a farm and lived a very modest life.  They had 8 people living in a small three room home with sheets for dividers which is very common here.  When we started to teach a very special spirit came into the lesson.  After the lesson Elder Manicdo told me to invite them to be baptized  and in my mind I thought "You're crazy, we just met these people today".  But when I did, two of the children accepted the invitation and the nanay said that after she prayed about it she would let us know her answer.  It was another experience that testified to me of how many people the Lord is preparing in his vineyard; all we need to do is to pick them off of the bush.

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