Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This week has been pretty rough for Elder Manicdo and I, we still managed to teach 12 lessons but there were two days that we couldn't do anything because of the Pena Frenca Festival; we couldn't even get to our area. There were over a million extra people in Naga City for the festival!!!  I couldn't believe how crazy it was. There were drunk people all over the place and I can't tell you of how many times I was called "Joe".  On Sunday we went to one of the Sisters lunch appointments and this drunk guy kept trying to invite me to have shots with them.  Well on a different note, I'm still struggling with Tagalog, it's not a very easy language like everyone said it was.  It's a very situational language and that just messes me up all the time.  But I know it'll come in time with continued hard work and dedication.  I had a pretty amazing experience the other night though that I thought was pretty awesome.  Elder Manicdo and I had just been punted from our last appointment and it wasn't time to head back to the apartment yet so we decided to OYM (Open Your Mouth) while we walked home since it was a good while's away.  Elder Manicdo started talking to this old man but he didn't seem very interested so we just gave him a pamphlet and left.  When we OYM  we switch off of who initiates the conversation so it was my turn to start.  We walked for a while and Elder Manicdo was pretty mad that I hadn't stopped for a few "perfect opportunities".  I don't know, they could have been but I don't regret my decision to keep moving because what happened later made waiting pay off.  We were walking past an old auto repair shop and this guy in his 20's said "Hey, what's up Joe".  I don't know what compelled me to do this; but I just turned around and walked straight up to him and started greeting him in Tagalog.  He was quite impressed that I spoke Tagalog (even if was just a little bit).  I talked to him for a minute and got to know him a little bit better and told him about why we were here. He seemed pretty interested in our message so we gave him a pamphlet and got his number.  He doesn't live in our area but hey, I don't care.  I was able to face one of my biggest fears; speaking in Tagalog.

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