Monday, March 9, 2015

Dear Mom, Dad, and Cole Family,

This last week reminded me a lot of The Princess Bride just without the romance.  There was a lot of hard times, annoying times, but at the end of it all things worked out.  Just for starters, the beginning of our week was boss!!!  Elder Beinvinuto and I OYM'ed this girl named Marjorie on Sunday and got a return appointment with her on Monday night.  At first she really didn't seem interested so we both just hoped for the best.  When we started teaching she told us that she was a Baptist but she was open to listen to different religions.  Then she told us that she had two miscarriages so she doesn't have any kids yet.  At that moment the spirit told me to just testify about eternal families and I could tell that when we mentioned that the family can be together forever she started to listen a little closer.  Her sister Cindy even joined in on the lessons and she is now really interested to!!!  Then on Tuesday we went to one of our further areas and we got punted from most of our appointments within an hour or so which led to tracting.  At first we didn't have a lot of success but before it was time to go back we wanted to go check out this road that we've never been down before.  Let me say that it was a long road and it didn't look like it was going anywhere so we were thinking about turning back; but then we saw a woman walking with her Caribou so we asked her if there were more houses ahead.  She told us that there was a whole little sub-division ahead.  Both Elder Benvinutos and I just turned to each other with big smiles on our faces.  When we got there there was this guy who started talking to us so of course we went up and started talking to him.  As we were introducing ourselves to him people just started to gather around like I was David Archuletta.  I'm serious there were a good thirty plus people just standing around listening to us.  Eventually we started to teach a short simple lesson and because of that we have a lot of return appointments and potential investigators. 

 Long story short the next few days weren't so nice to us.  Walking in the summer heat getting punted, and not being able to find anyone to teach is rough. But that's what the next few days brought to us.  Rian and Mark Dave also told us that they don't want to get baptized.  When we asked them why they said because they had already been baptized.  Well I know that an answer like that doesn't come from a 10 year old so I'm suspecting that they're family members have been influencing them in a negative way. But I guess that right now is not there not time and that they'll have to make that decision when they're a little older.  Bishop Flororita told us to keep teaching them so that they can know the gospel and that maybe they can change their minds.  Things were kind of like that until Sunday when the Lord fulfilled his statement to Joseph Smith "Your trials shall only be a small moment".  One of the members referred one of his friends families to us so we went and visited them before we went to our scheduled appointments.  I truly do have a testimony that the Lord is preparing the hearts of His children, we just have to show our faith in God to find them.  We weren't able to teach the father because he was working trying to get money so they could buy food but his wife and two daughters are golden investigators!!!  They are excited to attend church this next Sunday and they even said that they want to attend English class on Saturdays.

I am so grateful for all that you guys have done and continue to do for me.  I love each and every one of you so much.  I can't picture my life any differently.  I read an article in the new Liahona and it really made me grateful for you guys.  It was about this missionary when he was in the MTC and Gordon B. Hinckley spoke at a fireside and afterwards he gave a hug to his grandson.  This missionary overheard some other Elders saying "Oh it would be so cool to have President Hinckley as my grandpa"  Of course it would be cool to have your grandpa or relative be an apostle but I wouldn't trade my Grandpa Woolstenhulme, Grandpa Cole; or any other relative for anything.  The times that I have had with these wonderful people have influenced me just as much as an apostle has influenced his grandchildren and different family members.  Treasure your families.  Mahal na mahal ko po kayo!!!  May God be with you till we meet again.

                                           -Elder Cole 

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