Monday, February 16, 2015

Dear Mom, Dad, and Cole Family,

I spent Valentines Day without a Valentine :(.... well at least we had a baptism!  Hay-Hey was baptized this last Saturday(on Valentines Day) and  words can't describe the feelings that I felt during his baptism.  He was so excited and I will never forget his face when he came out of the water.  It's such an honor being able to help people come to know our Heavenly Father and to help them to start on the straight and narrow path.  It's such a weird thought thinking that in a little over 4 months I'll have to remove my name tag and people will start calling me "brother" again.  I still remember when Bro. Wilkinson started calling me "Elder" two weeks before I went into the MTC.  Looking back it does seem like a long time ago since I was a young 18 year old kid who didn't really know who he was or what he was doing.  But know I can say to you now that I have really found who I am, a "Child of God", and He really does love each and every one of His children;rich or poor, black or white, tall or small.  Being here in the Philippines has taught me a lot about how we need to have charity to all people, especially to those whom we struggle to love.  Now I'm not by any means saying that I don't have a problem loving everyone because there are times when I wouldn't mind putting some duck tape over peoples mouth; but if we strive to be like the Savior, He'll help us in our weaknesses so that we can make them strengths.  

Besides the baptism of Hay-Hey there hasn't been a whole lot that has happened.  Never mind....  On Thursday before District Meeting; we got a surprise phone from the AP's.  I"m not going to lie, even when you're innocent it's still scary when the AP's call because you know it's serious.  Well in short my good buddy Elder Christensen was ET'ed to Calabanga and my old room-mate Elder Haueia is the new companion of Elder San Pedro.  Oh, and this week we have a fireside coming up in the ward about home teaching and visiting teaching.  And guess who was asked to speak there... yep, yours truly will be giving a workshop on home and visiting teaching so if you have any ideas don't be afraid to email me.  

Thanks for putting some "play money" in my account, if you have any requests for souvenirs just let me know. Just to let you know T, I bought you your gift a while back so don't worry.  I still can't believe that Brendon and Shannon are getting married on the 4th of July!  Thankfully I'll be home in time to see dad tie the knot for them.  But it's too bad that I won't be able to see Kaiden... Elder Cloward pala. And please tell Emily "Good Luck and don't forget that you are a special missionary/friend."  Mahal na mahal ko po kayo!!  May God be with you till we meet again.

                                            -Elder Cole

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